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L.A.FANS Contextual Data

L.A.FANS has collected or assembled contextual data for Los Angeles that can be used in conjunction with the L.A.FANS Restricted data or independently. Contextual data for L.A.FANS comprises of the L.A.FANS Neighborhood Observations and the Los Angeles Neighborhood Services and Characteristics Database.

L.A.FANS Neighborhood Observations

L.A.FANS Neighborhood Observations were conducted in 2000 and 2001 as part of Wave 1. Neighborhood observations were completed for all census blocks selected for L.A.FANS. The L.A.FANS Neighborhood Observations data are part of the L.A.FANS Restricted Data because information in these data files may enable deductive identification of survey respondents.

Los Angeles Neighborhood Services and Characteristics Database

The Los Angeles Neighborhood Services and Characteristics (L.A.NSC) Database, a public use file, contains a variety of contextual variables for all Los Angeles County census tracts, based on tract definitions from the 1990 Census. The contextual measures describe tract demographic, social, economic, and physical characteristics.

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