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L.A.FANS Data Updates

  1. A revised version of the L.A.FANS Public Use data and Restricted Data, and their attendant codebooks, was released in June 2004. These data and codebooks replace the original May 2003 version. Revisions were basically minor and most were to Public Use files. Only two Restricted Data files were changed and these changes were limited to variable values (HHLDV1_1 and HHINV1_1). The PDF below contains a description of the revisions made to the data and codebooks.
  2. As part of the re-release, two new data files have been added.
    1. Imputed income/assets: This data has imputed values for missing income and assets variables for all households that completed at least one module other than the roster. The Public Use version is called IMPINC1 and has top-coded values and just a subset of the income/assets questions in the household module. The Restricted Data version is called IMPINC1R and has no topcoding and has all the imputed income/assets variables.
    2. Household weights: This file has weights for the 3,083 households that completed a roster such that an RSA could be selected. The household weights file is Restricted Data and is called HWGTV1_1.