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L.A.FANS Neighborhood Observations

L.A.FANS Neighborhood Observations were conducted in 2000 and 2001 as part of Wave 1.

L.A.FANS Neighborhood Observations were completed for 422 Census blocks in 65 Census tracts in Los Angeles County. Census blocks were the smallest geographic unit sampled for L.A.FANS, and all households selected for the study resided in one of these Census blocks. Neighborhood observations were completed for each face and any alleys in the Census block by trained interviewers. For each block an average of three independent observations were completed by separate interviewers.

The L.A.FANS Neighborhood Observations data are part of the L.A.FANS Restricted Data because information in these data files may enable deductive identification of survey respondents. To acquire these data, users must apply for Version 2.5 restricted data or higher; these data do not come automatically as part of the Version 2.5 data and must be requested separately. While these data are not available online, the codebook describing the data is.