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L.A.FANS Public Use Data

L.A.FANS-1 Public Use Data

The Public Use Data contain treated individual characteristics. This means that some data are top-coded (e.g. income) or coded in broader categories (e.g. ethnicity), as described in the L.A.FANS-1 codebook. The Public Use Data exclude detailed information that is likely to enable indirect identification of L.A.FANS respondents. Some items listed in the questionnaires, such as employer names and addresses, will not be included in any version of the data. See the L.A.FANS-1 codebook for information about individual variables.

Data collection for L.A.FANS-1 began in April 2000 and ended in mid-January 2002.

The occupation and industry codes released in the L.A.FANS-1 data were based on the 1990 Census codes, a system that was completely changed for the 2000 Census. To ensure consistent comparison with codes assigned for jobs in L.A.FANS-2, the L.A.FANS-1 occupation and industry descriptions were recoded using standard occupational coding procedures with the 2000 Census codes. L.A.FANS-2 data were also coded with the 2000 Census codes. The job records with these new occupation and industry codes are available as separate files, one for the Adult module and one for the EHC module. These files can be linked to the L.A.FANS-1 public use files ADULT1 and EHC1.

L.A.FANS-2 Public Use Data

Individual characteristics in the L.A.FANS Public Use Data are "treated" to prevent indirect identification of respondents; please see the L.A.FANS-2 User's Guide and Codebook for information. Unlike in Wave 1, descriptions of individual variables in each L.A.FANS-2 Public Use Data file are found in separate codebook text files that accompany each data file.

Occupation and industry codes have been assigned for the jobs in the Adult and EHC modules of the L.A.FANS-2 data. These codes are based on those used in the 2000 Census. The job records with these codes are available as separate files, one for the Adult module and one for the employment section of the EHC module. These files can be linked to the ADULT2 and EMPLOY2 public use data files.

Obtaining L.A.FANS Public Use Data

L.A. FANS data are distributed by the Data Sharing for Demographic Research (DSDR) Project at the University of Michigan. For access to the Public Use Data, visit https://www.icpsr.umich.edu/icpsrweb/DSDR/series/846.

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