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L.A.FANS-1 Questionnaires

Questionnaires Completed by Each Type of Respondent in L.A.FANS-1

The table below shows the correspondence between respondents and questionnaires in L.A.FANS-1.

Respondent Roster Household Adult Parent-Child PCG Child Assessments
Any Adult > 18 X            
Adult (RSA)   X X        
Primary Caregiver (PCG)     X X X   X
Child (RSC)           X X
Sibling (SIB)           X X
Mode of Interview* IA IA IA IA SA SA IA

"IA" means interviewer-administered using CAPI (computer assisted personal interview).
"SA" means self-administered using CAPI. (Cases for which respondents were deemed unable to self-administer the questionnaire were administered by the interviewer and are identified in the data.)

If the RSA was not the parent or primary caregiver (PCG) for the RSC, the Household Questionnaire was also administered to the PCG. In a few other instances, someone other than the RSA or PCG may have been administered the Household Questionnaire if they were deemed most knowledgeable about household finances.

The Child Questionnaire was administered to RSCs and SIBs aged 9 to 17 years. Assessments were administered to RSCs and SIBs aged 3 to 17 years.